Casebooster Strategies

Erkki Kari-Koskinen, Founder & CEO

My mission is to help companies to find and accelerate growth, As a management consultant I'm burning to be a strategist 24/7.

I get inspired when I am able to challenge conventional thinking and find new opportunities. Clarifying and condensing thoughts is a demanding task, but it is truly rewarding. You can not insert simplicity into your business, you have to take complexity out instead. This is true in all situations.

I have worked as a strategy consultant for numerous companies in various sectors; financing, construction, energy, ICT, pulp&paper, universities, retail etc. My customers vary from large publicly listed companies to small growth enterprises.

I have gathered experience from extremely demanding change programs and business leadership over a period of 20 years. I have also been Chairman and Member of the Board in a number of companies.

Erkki Kari-Koskinen